Bee products

Price is 50 dirhams, weight is 20 grams

Fresh royal jelly

It is a white secretion similar to milk that is made by worker bees to help the queen bees to grow, also known as royal jelly or royal jelly, and royal jelly is mainly composed of water, sugar, fatty acids and some unique proteins such as Royalactin Some benefits: Treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcers - Increases the vitality of the body and improves its activity - improves the metabolism - soothes the mood of the human body - protects the liver - prevention of cancer - helps in the rapid healing of wounds - improves the sexual ability of men and increases the number of sperm It stimulates the ovaries of the female and increases the level of fertility.


Bees manufacture beeswax for the purpose of storing the honey that they produce, and it is in the form of combs consisting of a group of hexagonal cells, and beeswax may contain things more than just honey as it also includes in its hexagonal cells some nectar and royal food, but in very small quantities

The price is two wax tablets 250 dirhams, Wax disc 130 dirhams
The price is 20 dirhams, the weight is 300 grams

Pollen grains

It is a ball that the young bees make when they land on a certain flower, and it is a mixture of pollen, saliva and honey, and the bees carry with them on the return trip to the beehive these balls on their legs to store these after that in a special place and are used in the manufacture of what is called bee bread, which is considered The basic food for bees in the hive


It is a sticky, soluble acid substance that honey bees collect from buds and sap of trees or other sources, and it is a resinous resinous substance (balsamic) waxy, mixed with a proportion of pollen and bee saliva, sticky in color ranging from dark brown and reddish to greenish black with a bitter taste Stinging Some of the benefits: Controlling blood sugar levels - Helps treat minor burns and prevent infections - Prevents infection with aphthous mouth fungi by rinsing with propolis solution 4 times daily - Helps reduce upper respiratory infections, colds and flu - Prevention of nose and throat cancer - Protection from stomach disorders And the intestine

Price is 50 dirhams, weight is 20 grams